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While I agree Hanzo could have continued, I find a bit hard to believe that he "chose not to continue". Hhhmmm, how do I explain this...

I do think Hanzou did things that hurt Gon alot, and that could lead to Leorio and Kurapica interfering. But after that kick from Gon, I think that made some impact on Hanzo and also, as we saw, to the watchers around. Hanzo is a guy who sometimes gets lost in the moment (monkey impersonation, the manga's sushi test, getting fooled by Killua) and I think when he decided to go for threatening Gon's life, he became sucked into Gon's tide/flow. He became embarrassed and impatient. It's not that he decided not to continue torturing Gon, but he failed to realize (or lost it somewhere...) the implications/results if he continued at that moment. That's my take.

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