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Raptor's can't carry melee halberds. Only the YF-23 could do that (and consequently it had its own blade designed made just for it), but hence it was rejected, melee halberds are not used by U.S military.

The only U.S craft that can carry them are licensed and modified versions of U.S craft, like the MiG-21 (F-4R), Type-89 Kagerou (F-15J), F-5G/E/I Tornado and J-10/Lavi (F-16) - but none of those is employed by American forces proper.

"Heavier firepower" would usually include missiles, and I'm pretty sure that Raptor could potentially carry some sort of missile containers. However, there aren't any "bigger" TSF armaments, excluding the 1200mm Trans-Horizon Cannon (which is a prototype, and mothballed in Yokohama) and EU's Mk.57 Assault guns, which due to politicking aren't really being exported.

Do keep in mind though, that standard caliber for TSF weaponry is a 36mm chaingun with coaxial 120mm smoothbore cannon (AC130 carriers a 105mm by comparison), so that's usually more then enough to kill any single specimen.

Regarding buffwhite devices, I wonder just why Yuuko couldn't equip Unit-00 with those earlier, given that 00 was about as stable as my old Windows 98.

It also makes you wonder if Inia and Cryska's clips are really amplifiers. Given what they did with Zhar, it wouldn't be surprising if Soviets are normally restraining them, kind of like chained Cerberus.

It would explain why Cryska wasn't able to get back at those brats from Zhar at the beginning of Kamchatka arc.
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