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I'm not sure if this should go here but.........are the Raptor's stealth capabilities useful against the BETA or did the US just add them with the expectation that they might come up against other TSFs?

Also, do the Raptors carry nothing but Assault Cannons into battle or can they be fitted with heavier firepower when the need arises?
Raptor stealth includes minimal radar cross-section, suppressed IR and noise emissions and reduced walking ground vibrations. They do basically nothing to help against the BETA but the US is foreseeing a new G-element based arms race after the end of the BETA war, so it's starting to build stealth fighters as a trump card for when that happens. Since stealth TSFs would be great use against any human machine of war that relies on radar, IR, noise, ground vibration etc. to find and kill the target, not just other TSFs.

Raptors have only been shown carrying assault cannons thus far, but at a guess they can probably be outfitted with missiles if need be.
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