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Hello just started watching the TE anime and i am lost with the whole entire series, so could someone care to explain what happens from the start of this series (Muv Luv) to all the sequals and how does TE tie in with the story ? Also about the anime was that an anime original ending or will the true ending be revealed in the VN?
Well, to explain everything would ruin everything, so I'll refrain from doing that.

The main trilogy in Muv Luv is broken up as follows: Extra -> Unlimited (these two come as one game/VN) -> Alternative. Total Eclipse is a side story from the Alternative world (the BETA filled one shown in TE). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe TE ends a little bit before the finale of the trilogy, Alternative, begins.

As for the anime, I believe that while some aspects of the ending were anime original, it still was pretty similar to the point where the novels stopped being published at. Nonetheless, the "true" or canonical ending will be revealed in the soon to be released VN.
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