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Post Violence, SEX and Wolf's Rain

Originally Posted by slc
"dark" does not mean violent hentai. Geez.

Can't believe nobody mentioned Wolf's Rain or Gilgamesh. I loved Wolf's Rain but I couldn't really get into Gilgamesh myself but I know it has a following.

I don't think Wolf's Rain is anything close to dark and it tends to be something more like a fairy tale instead of facing any questions or problems more complicated than that. The only thing dark is the setting (post apocalyptic future). But the script is all childish and lame really...they always come up with softer and milder ways of describing the actuall things that might be happening, not to offend or pervert the little children that might be watching...

As for the violence note... well, violence might be just a way to measure how much of the story is being told, just like sex and the materialistic interests behing it all. I most animes I saw the "evil character" is someone that just woke up one day and decided to be a bad person...and nothing more to it. In other words, violence is just one of the most common elements you would find in any story, so it is a little strange not to see any and a little boring when it is always concealed or sugar coated. If you want to tell a story, just tell it! Don't make lame allusions to what is really happening.

SEX for instance... tens of millions of people are doing it right now and why is it that sex is only shown in hentai anime or labeled like that? It is so common in any ones life! Cowboy Bebop, for instance, when Faye was pursuing someone, she found him in bed with another guy. That's something that can happen but it is more usual to anime scripts to show perfectly decent people just brushing their teeths when their doors is broken down. I don't take more than 15 minutes a day brushing my teeth, what are the odds?

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