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Homo Ludens
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SHAFT does not do well with things that aren't already strange and incessantly random.

Why Studio Comet couldn't get ahold of this like they did with School Rumble I don't know.

Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
Which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially considering that I only heard negative commentary for the manga (though I have personally no opinion).
The manga's author is an idiot, but the manga itself is not bad, and I really love his art style, for that matter.

Originally Posted by sirn View Post
If you're talking about ef colors then it strikes me as well. Not that it's a bad thing, I just think it doesn't fit well with the series, and why repeating the same style? I'm trying to believe the ef colors are only restricted inside Hakobune, just like the official website but now I'm just badly disappointed.
I was more talking about quality, design and generally not looking like the manga at all.

Man the protagonist looks like so much more of a twat now. Not that he ISN'T a twat, but...

Oh well, at least Tomokazu Seki is in this. Sigh...
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