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By now I've realized that I never really had a problem with the slice-of-life aspects and most of the abject silliness that the series has. In that sense I guess all I really complained about was a certain specific aspect that for me plagued the first season that is surprisingly toned down for the bonus episodes and for S2 so far.

And yes I actually have a habit have slapping money on my arms when I get a good lot, sort of like Yui, just not in a dreamy-fetish sort of way on my face.

There's a surprising lot of lamentation and brooding this season so far, a counterpoint to the usual silliness of ASTT (is it wrong to abbreviate them?). Just like bonus Ep13 the show can definitely handle serious moments when they have to, and while the turtle gift pretty much blew up in their faces it felt like a very sincere gesture nonetheless.

I can tell that the member issues and them being seniors will probably play a very big part in this season. Hell I'm already liking these two episodes than half of season 1 combined.
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