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Nice to see that Budokan is still on their minds.
No flashback to Sawako's young younger days =
Damn, that was a LOT of fries Ritsu bought, especially considering that the others all got their own.

Rockin'an: Your guide to such bands as "Greeen Day" and "The Onspping".

Hey, who's that?
Spoiler for random classmate:

Want more appearances by the other people in their class...

Maybe I'm a bit biased, but Ritsu got some great lines in this episode:

-"You're all like kids"
-"Because I am one!"

-"I never thought I'd lose four times in a row..."
-"Scissors of victory!"

"Why is that guitar worth so much? Are you sympathizing with Mugi?"

-"One of you freshmen, please take me to the..."
-"You've already tried that"

"Wow, we really blew it"

Spoiler for teh awesomeness of Ritsu:

Originally Posted by Ezilled View Post
Nice added touch on the aquarium and hardware store with lots of neat backgrounds. I can't help but to think that KyoAni didn't lazy around on animation department.
My favorite was the moving escalator behind Mio and Azusa in the music store. It's not like anyone would've complained if it hade just been a wall behind them, but they added a little touch like that anyway.
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