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Ahh, this is why I enjoy this series so much in spite of itself. There's something to be said for series where you can just unplug your brain and enjoy.

Mugi in the store was sheer hilarity. I love seeing her reactions to everything in the "normal" world. Conversely, her lack of reaction to the sale price of the guitar was also awesome.

I have to admit, Ritsu is really growing on me this time around. I'm looking forward to next week's ep being focus on her.

Another fun ep all around, and I agree the animation seems better than the first season here too. 8/10 for me. Now it's time to sit back and wait for next week.

It's also time to see if anyone gives me negative rep points this week just for my liking K-ON!! like they did last week. It's so precious to see anime elitists taking their cheap shots wherever they can.
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