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Strange that this series has not gained much attention. It is hugely popular among the Chinese fans. I just found out today that a group of translators has already claimed the right to translate vol 6, before the novel is even out. Really exceptional since the only other novel that gets this kind of treatment is Haruhi.
Lol, one week after the release of the book in Japan, vol6 is already translated in Chinese. Talk about dedication of the Chinese fans.

The plot did not move as fast as I hoped ( I was hoping for the return of former wife), but I guess we need to wait for the next volume. Other than that, master blend of battles and fan service, as always.

I bet the protagonist of this series must lead a very pitiful life because he happens to be like Ichika from IS, in an era that believe a guy with the power exclusive to maidens is the devil king.
I don't want to give spoilers, but that remark of the male protagonist is quite off. The protagonist is not a meek fool who is just throw into the maiden's world and receive all the orders from the girls. As the story progresses, it is quite clear that he is the leader of his harem group, sharp in action, and he can put moves on the girls, too. The story is not simple "hero go save the world" type of thing. It's like comparing Bauld's Gate series (or even, in a small aspect, Planescape:torment) with your average RPG. Here the story is more character driven because the past associations and experiences of the hero is deeply interwoven into the current story and partly driving the story forward. That's a big plus in my book.

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