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Originally Posted by Aquaman OS View Post what's the point? Obviously they aren't going for Genocide end, but as far as I'm concerned peace will be empty, because all the named Vegans are dead except the one guy who's been frozen hasn't spoken and I could care less about. So the faceless masses survived. Who cares? You aren't supposed to care about them.
This is why I considered this episode to be the climax of the finale. Yes, there isn't a closure for Flit, Kio, or Ezelcant yet (I consider Zeheart's final speech and death closure to both himself and Asemu), but at this rate, Zera being a final boss feels completely tacked on. Like they are using him just for the sake of a final boss aside from the Galette's, which has happened in every generation thus far. Gen 1 had Geera Zoi, and Gen 2 had Mendel Zant, but the difference is, both of these characters have been around since the beginning of their respective arcs and received some development, even if its not a lot. Zera being an Ezelcant clone just doesn't quite cut it because even Ezelcant says that Zera only inherits his fighting abilities. So unless Ezelcant suddenly jacks Zera's mind, there's not much to him other than being a big bad to be taken down.
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