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Fram just piloted the cursed unit. That thing didn't exactly do much for Yurin. Though in the end I wonder what was the point of giving her that similar unit? Figured they might play on Flit's past a bit, but he was just kind of 'there' this episode.

Zeheart vs. Asemu really was a 'wait what?' kind of fight. It was over before I knew what was going on. Though suppose it fits symbolically. Asemu is still solid on his path of fighting for those he cares about while Zeheart was an emotional and mental mess. They really did flip positions with one being solid in his beliefs and the other not so much. Of course in the end Asemu couldn't save his friend's life, but at least by the end he was back to himself. The flashback at the end along with his final words I felt was well done. Even though so much had happened that friendship was still there. Zeheart at least made sure to keep Asemu back at the very end.

Rough day for Fram. Unfortunately it wasn't a shock how she went out. Zeheart could gather so much affection and loyalty, but in the end no one was able to step up to him and say "you're going too far."

At least Woolf can look down at Obright and Asemu with pride. Both pulled off some great stuff especially Obright. Proof that skill and effort can overcome an x-rounder when it counts.
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