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He isn't as smart as he should be, being a guy that went through Harvard and is running for president of the United States of America. And he really doesn't know how to relate to most people. He pretty much can only really relate well to rich, white Christians. The guy is not a winner. Given his 47% remarks, he really doesn't want to be a president for all Americans. He just wants to be a president for the rich first, and all American Christians who vote republican second. A lot of GOP supporters don't like him, but wanna back him because they figure, hey, we gotta get the 'Marxist black man' outta the white house. In fact, for many of them, it is just simply reduced to 'we gotta get the black man outta office'. *sigh*
Hate to say it, as I am a teacher myself, but intelligence and knowledge are not exactly critical to make it through university (outside of research that is) or to succeed in business. Romney does posses some key attributes: hard working, assertive, decisive, ambitious, has networking skills and knows the right people.

Still means he can act like (or simply be) an uneducated buffoon, but in my experience that is not uncommon at senior management or government levels. Modern media coverage of elections requires visually attractive candidates above all else, so other stats are likely to be compromised.
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