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Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
Romney must be this stupid. Read what he said here, and think about it:

What is the context of this quote even supposed to be?

Originally Posted by Urzu 7 View Post
He isn't as smart as he should be, being a guy that went through Harvard and is running for president of the United States of America. And he really doesn't know how to relate to most people. He pretty much can only really relate well to rich, white Christians. The guy is not a winner. Given his 47% remarks, he really doesn't want to be a president for all Americans. He just wants to be a president for the rich first, and all American Christians who vote republican second. A lot of GOP supporters don't like him, but wanna back him because they figure, hey, we gotta get the 'Marxist black man' outta the white house. In fact, for many of them, it is just simply reduced to 'we gotta get the black man outta office'. *sigh*
I think the only reason Romney is the nominee is that he's the closest thing the Republican party can find to a marketable candidate at least on the surface. He's non-threatening looking on the surface, doesn't immediately come across as an outright asshole like say Gingrich and Santorum who were apparently the best they could find to run against him on the ticket. Romney really is the best the Republican party could do I guess since after all we can't have people like Olympia Snowe or...well honestly she's about the only Republican I can think off of the top of my head that come across as a decent human being that actually gives a shit about her job.

Romney is basically the generic candidate they've been running since Regan. Talks big, looks non-threatening, comes across like that well-meaning if slightly dim-witted distant relative you only see once or twice at a part every year (we all know the one) and most importantly is predictable and easy for the party and it's base to control due to be too uninformed of the issues to have an independent thought that might set him at odds with their agenda. What's different here though is that the mask fell off really early into his campaign and he's pretty much been scrambling the last couple of weeks to merely try to hold on to the percentage he had. I still wouldn't count him out just yet cause I still think the majority of American voters are bloody damn well too stupid to realize how bad he'd be for the country, but it does look like Obama has opened up a lead on him for the first time in a while and appears to be leading most polls outside the margin of error.

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