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Originally Posted by Setsilya~ View Post
Not really, when you created something; you know exactly where it's bad point and where it's good point. As human, we usually focus on whats bad and not whats good, so it is really hard to get a good impression on your own work. But there are those people. ~Well that is one reason why a lot of artist aren't satisfied with their work even if it is very amazing. It is not a bad attitude since it will become a motivation to move you forward, since you know you can improve.
What you said reminds me of something interesting. I've received some training in Chinese calligraphy, and here's something we learned - there are three basic stages that a person undergoes during their training. If I recall correctly, when you begin you will feel that all of your work is near-masterpiece level. This takes some time to fade away, and then you reach the second level: your flaws stand out at you. You may feel that your work is all flawed, but this is necessary for improvement. In the final stages you work hard and recognize your shortcomings and your improvements.

I can say for certain that I followed those stages exactly as they were described (although I never really made it to stage 3, as I didn't do calligraphy for more than half a year). Does it apply to all forms of art, and all types of people? I know it applies to me and almost any type of art I do, but I can't say for sure that it applies to everyone.

What you say may apply to most people - I can't say for sure. I personally don't think everyone or even the majority of people start out at the final stage that calligraphy makes mention of, but I can't say for certain It's just a thought, either way. I guess I'm with solace in saying that if you enter a contest you're already nominating yourself by putting yourself into the running. If you really feel that you're the absolute best and nobody else is even worth a single vote, abstain from voting - your superiority should be clear enough to your peers, right? (For what it's worth I don't really mind it if people vote for themselves. At this point I'm more or less musing over the philosophy behind the act.)
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