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Of course everyone want to win. And as mentioned in my previous post in this thread i don't think any of us are a exception to that. But just don't forget the main point of this. And that being: fun and learning things and improving.

You will see something similar like this
It's from previous SOTM. You could easily look for who got what amount of vote with that. I might sound like a prick for saying this. But making a ranking would just take a lot of extra time from Solace. And i hate to see effort only being one sided. With that sheet it shouldn't be to much trouble to figure out how much vote everyone got with some ctrl+C and ctrl+F and paste. It's won't be aligned nice and tidy. But you should get a good picture of votes and signatures.

Not sure if Solace was being sarcastic about his comment. But if he really doesn't mind to do it. Than nvm me

Edit: To slow with posting But seeing Kayos commented already what i said wasn't really necessarily.

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