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I guess the response was a little sarcastic. Let me be a bit more diplomatic.

Since it was the first voting session, the formating wasn't great. But keep in mind I was using notepad to track votes. It's not exactly easy to copy paste results and organize them into rankings using something like that. Sephi assisted in vote counting and he had a spreadsheet, which was much more organized and was posted when the voting was done. At that point everyone was excited to get the next contest going and everyone moved on pretty quick.

On the time side of things, yes it only takes an hour-ish to do what you ask. Keep in mind that's an hour-ish later that announcing results will take, an hour-ish later someone needs to spend organizing and copy/pasting, and an hour-ish later that most people won't care about.

It's nice for convenience sake, but for the few who care I think scrolling will work just fine for now.

This is what the entry list looks like when I edit it. Keep in mind this is with almost no formatting outside of bolds, img tag, and the list tag.

Spoiler for size:
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