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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
I guess I'm with solace in saying that if you enter a contest you're already nominating yourself by putting yourself into the running. If you really feel that you're the absolute best and nobody else is even worth a single vote, abstain from voting - your superiority should be clear enough to your peers, right? (For what it's worth I don't really mind it if people vote for themselves. At this point I'm more or less musing over the philosophy behind the act.)
Its difficult, since if one really feels one's own work is best, then it would be like lying to yourself if you do not vote for your work. On the other side, if one competes in the contest, to see how others judge one's art, there is no need to vote for oneself, since that one thinks the own work is best is known beforehand anyway.
If one does compete to win, sportsmanship should prevent one from voting for oneself, since there is no performance needed to vote for oneself, means if one does win because of one's own vote it usually does not feel like winning because of a good performance.
Finally if one tries to desperately win this contest, I seriously question this person's self-esteem. (Like... put the effort into real life problems instead of this contest, that will secure a more enduring fortune for the life)

Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
I feel that behind the whole idea about voting for yourself is because you want to win, and naturally I do believe that most of us do want to win despite what we say about "lets just have fun". Well it is true about it we want to have fun but another part is that we do want to win as it gives a sense of joy. Well not winning is not the end of the world but just a chance to look at others and imporve yourself for next time. As much as your guy want to fluff it by saying that it is just for fun, deep down a part of that fun is looking forward to winning; THIS IS WAR MEN!! (or something like that ).
I want to disagree, I actually do not want to win. Because if I win, I have to choose the next contest theme
For me it really is just fun. And if there is only one person who likes what I created, it even has a purpose (which is all the better).

Originally Posted by kayos View Post

Spoiler for Off Topic for useless fact:
Jinto used his own webspace. But one time (when KiNa asked for another host, because he could not see it) I used Imageshack instead.

Originally Posted by Thingle View Post
I'm doing things like this primarily to see how far I've developed style. It's basically gaging myself against people who would do similar themes.
But this does not explain, why you'ld vote for yourself. I mean for you it is an already known precondition that you like your work/style. I cannot see the added value a vote for yourself would provide in that regard.
On the other side I think, if there is someone voting for oneself, this person should not need to justify this here. So don't understand me wrong, I actually don't want/need to know your intentions on this matter. It would not affect my voting or my POV for this contest anyway (I am biased only to a signature's content never to the creator).
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