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To tell the truth, i don't believe a theme this broad and interpretation/personal preference dependent is all that good of an idea. The confusion during the process showed this, as what constitutes "elegant" is very much a personal interpretation with no clear cut right or wrong. A lot of the signatures presented here look very nice, but there are not many that would qualify as "elegant" in my books ... on the other hand it made choosing easier, as i simply had to chose among the ones i thought passed that threshold
You aren't the first one to mention this. Unfortunately it was less a matter of using a vague topic and more about how to phrase it so that people would understand it. People were clinging to words like "formal" too strongly, and misinterpreting what Sephi was trying to convey. I don't really feel I did a very good job conveying his idea either, but I do think it helped put things a little more in perspective.

Essentially, the contest was about "pretty girls in pretty clothing" but just saying that is also vague. Sephi provided an image pack that I felt was pretty much exactly what he was trying to convey the theme was, but it didn't appear that people wanted to review it. Or if they did, they chose to ignore it or had other ideas.

I feel for the most part all of the sigs display some form of elegance. As you state, it's open to interpretation but I feel that's ok. The theme was compromised a bit, unfortunately, and I think that soured some people. I can only hope that next month won't be as difficult and that those sour feelings won't persist.

On the other hand, bumps like this are expected. As a forum, the contest is still new to us. This is only the third month the SOTM has been running. Personally, I'm amazed response is still strong. I fully expected things to drop off much more than they did (we're slightly less on entries this month than last), especially seeing that the theme was an issue.

It's still a bit of a learning experience trying to get things like this sorted out. But I'd hate to get in someones way and start creating rules about how themes should be created and handled. It takes some of the fun out of the process.

Perhaps the community wasn't ready for a theme like this, that's hard to say. But they still tried their best to create entries for this theme, and that's extremely commendable. There might have been some that missed the mark but there's still a lot of girls in pretty dresses and there's a lot of creativity on display this month.

I'm open to ideas on how to handle Themes from anyone who has some thoughts.
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