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Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
To tell the truth, i don't believe a theme this broad and interpretation/personal preference dependent is all that good of an idea. The confusion during the process showed this, as what constitutes "elegant" is very much a personal interpretation with no clear cut right or wrong. A lot of the signatures presented here look very nice, but there are not many that would qualify as "elegant" in my books ... on the other hand it made choosing easier, as i simply had to chose among the ones i thought passed that threshold
Hence i gave up on this...

But suppose the theme choice wasn't that good. But with the images provided i thought people would still understand what i had in mind. But it appears not many people bothered with checking them. Or they just don't read anything beside the thread title.

The theme was compromised a bit, unfortunately, and I think that soured some people. I can only hope that next month won't be as difficult and that those sour feelings won't persist.
I got a feeling the sour feelings will remain for awhile. And that i will be getting a few subtle stabs at my back from it to.

Overall, my biggest disappointment about this SOTM was the amount of complaints i did received and the very little amount of help people wanted to offer. I tried my best with the theme, and i really thought i had a nice theme going(looks at images). But there are limits to mine and Solace views on things. If only more people helped i'm sure we could of had a smoother SOTM with less unhappy people.

But unfortunately this is how the world works. Good things are taken for granted. And bad things are the only things people bother to talk about.

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