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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
It isn't that they want to get rid of tanks completely, it's just that the current world political situation calls for a lighter, more mobile force. There will be a place for the tank on the battlefield for the foreseeable future. The army is working on a smaller, lighter, cheaper tank to replace the m-1 in most roles, an armored vehicle that would perform many of the roles of a tank, and several tanks with exotic weapons such as directed energy weapons and magnetic rail guns. I wouldn't expect to see either of them on the battlefield anytime soon though.
Lazy weapon designers stop experimenting with tanks and start building giant mechs.
actually i have a military future plan books with me. and theyre eventually completely getting rid of them. Same with battleships, and we're using carriers.
the best test equipment was the NASA ROD DROP. ITs a space plane tat orbits the earth, than when it finds its target drops a uranium rod, blows the hell out of underground bases.
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