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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
It isn't that they want to get rid of tanks completely, it's just that the current world political situation calls for a lighter, more mobile force. There will be a place for the tank on the battlefield for the foreseeable future. The army is working on a smaller, lighter, cheaper tank to replace the m-1 in most roles, an armored vehicle that would perform many of the roles of a tank, and several tanks with exotic weapons such as directed energy weapons and magnetic rail guns. I wouldn't expect to see either of them on the battlefield anytime soon though.
Lazy weapon designers stop experimenting with tanks and start building giant mechs.
Wow, magnetic rail guns but most of these weapons are in experimental phases and that can take along time. The comanche choppers were suppose the have entered production in 2001 but I still don't think it is. Also I have an idea for a simple sort of shell or bomb. It's magnetic so once fired it will attach itself to a vechicle's metal and then explode. I mean if tank shells were magnetic, the shells are already pretty acurate, if they are magnetic there's be hardly any missing. It would also work well in carpet bombings of air fields what do you guys thing?

And mechs look and sound cool and all but I think the legs would be really easy to trip the thing. I just say if they really want to be lazy they just build a tank 10 times larger with the same designs, but bigger every thing. Then it'll be like the godzilla of tanks.

Originally Posted by Zoro
well the US military are planning to get rid of tanks, and instead replacing them with light mobile vheicals (AHHH SPELLING!) with high power guns... so i dont know

PAnzers and Tiger tanks are my all time favourite, its outdated of course since its a ww2 model.

DAMN ISRAEL!!! hahaha HOW CAN THEY SELL PATRIOT MISSLES TO CHINA!?!!?! thats right, these ppl didnt know how to use it, so they sold all of it to china, now they have US patriots.... *sigh*. Lets hope they dont do that with the new laser defense system we're working on and planning to give to the israelies.
I don't see what's wrong if the Chinese have patriot missles. Yeah they are advanced and all but, I don't think any major power is going to war with the People's Republic anytime soon, plus I the patriot is mainly a defensive weapon, it's not like it'll be a theat to us. In fact I doubt any military super power would go to war with each other anytime soon either. It's only the small countries with oil or bananas that really have to worry. And the laser defense system research right now is crap, so far it's just a bunch of engineers playing laser tag.
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