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Originally Posted by Forse
Great thread I am myself into guns..sniper rifles actually. I don't know much about them, but I am learning and I love the way they look and the power they give

Here is my current favorite (Barrett M82A1):

Tsk tsk the gun is to heavy and if your going to carry ammo in it, it gets even heavyer.
My favorite is AI Arctic Warfare Super Magnum also known in Cs as AWP

Its light for a sniper rifle and it has a desent kill range of 800 and more depening on the sniper rifle typ (yes there is more types then one)

My favo assault rifle gotta be my swedish AK-5.
The AK-5 is built to work in all weathers, mostly artic becouse thats what we have here in Sweden.
Its just a very good gun but the only flaw it has is that its a little to heavy, 4kg with the mag in.

Forgot to add somethings

The best tank EVER built was T-34. It had it all, armor, the gun and the speed.
The Germans had sever problem with thoes tanks and it was only the 88mm Flak Cannon that could take them out.
To bad that the Russian tank crew was poorly trained and inexperiancet.

Mechs would be better then tanks but they wouldnt be that big.
Have would you choose? a mech that is very mobile (like a human that is) or a tank?
The Mechs would be so much better then the tank becouse its mobile, very moblie and it could probly carry more firepower then a tank but again its a huge target for chopers, planes, tanks and other mechs :/

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