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Kugimiya might have pulled a fast one on me when she voiced Yuuki (Tacos) in Saki, but from the shows I've seen when she voice acts, she used the same 2 voices Childish/squeaky (louise, shana, Nagi) and young soft spoken boy (Hotaru-Gakuen Alice, The lead character in Nabari no ou). If that's the case, I don't think either voice could match Mikoto.

Rina Saitou however has been able to adjust her voice for each role she plays (boyish voice for Negi springfield, snobish princess voice for Lilly-Mana Khemia 2, and of course Misaka Mikoto). Misaka almost sounded realistic with Rina's voice.

I probably would need to check up on more shows she voiced in to see if her voice changed in any of them before I would decide if Kugimiya would have been an alternate Mikoto.
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