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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Can they do the teenager evil laugh of Accelerator???
Well look no further to Johnny Yong Bosch's Hollow Ichigo laugh.

By the way, hinakatbklyn, who do you think would be appropriate for Aureolus Izzard, Stiyl Magnus, Aisa Himegami, and Motoharu and Maika Tsuchimikado for the dub?

I haven't said what I think who should voice Stiyl Magnus and Motoharu Tsuchimikado. However, I would like to see George Newbern (who voice Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII) to voice Stiyl Magnus while I would like to see Doug Erholtz (who voices Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII) voice Motoharu.
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