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I had a mostly easier time picking the mostly main cast, but the other cast later on is much tougher to figure out. If I took a particular character you mentioned, took the seiyuu, matched him / her up to another character she voiced, my dub prospects would look like:

Aisa: Either Stephanie or Kari
Spoiler for another character another series:

Motoharu and Maika, I would have much more trouble figuring out.

(Edit I found Stiyl so I have an idea who I would pick without using the seiyuu as a stepping stool.
(A) Vic Mignogna (If he's serious) (B) Patrick Setz

I'll use the same theory for Accelerator. I went with Bosch first without knowing about what he looked like. Now I have an idea of who to choose:
(A) Jason Liebrecht (B) Steve Saley (Cannon) Both young but energetic

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