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Originally Posted by Jerseykid View Post
My clarification came from Ichigo being the only person not to be under complete hypnosis. People have speculated about that for years. Also his clothing which was never ever talked about, when it should of been one of the first things explained.
My cynicism overflows anytime we are talking facts in this show. Sorry about that.

I was more annoyed by the fact how conveniently this information is placed in now that Ichigo will cross path with Aizen. The singular purpose of this information is to bolster Ichigo's strength without going into any specifics. So Ichigo is twice as powerful from Unohana. Okay. Ulqui still wiped the floor with him. I also thought it was a common knowledge since the Soul Society arc that Ichigo never been under the influence of Aizen's shikai.

And I so wanted to cry at the Byakuya-Mayuri exchange about Ichigo. I know... I know... my cynicism knows no bound...
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