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Looking at the match again you guys are right. Since we can't see the discard, it is possible that the 9-pin will be the one that Teru will draw next thus Peanutbutter is correct that Teru can still tsumo the 9-pin if she managed to self draw it.

Still, I would like to maintain that it would have been better if Kuro had discarded the 8-pin than the 9-pin, but I can say this because I have the benefit of hindsight. For if Kuro discarded the 8-pin, the hand value Teru will get be 3k something. And Teru thus will not ron her and will be in furiten. Even if Teru managed to self draw the needed 9-pin (which is so ridiculously likely that I don't even want to contemplate it ) at least Kuro will not pay all of it.

Of course like Lestaki said Kuro have no way of knowing before it actually happened and truthfully if I'm on Kuro's shoes I would have also discarded the 9-pin as opposed to the 8-pin since I don't value terminal tiles very much.

Now, that I contemplate the match, Teru is really really scary if we assume that Teru will be getting a winning tile like another 9-pin whether Kuro discarded it or by self drawing on the wall like peanutbutter suggested. Then, this meant that the kan would have two purpose:

1. It made Kuro's hand really dangerous as in no safe tiles on sight dangerous even with a full hand and Kuro not making any calls. And the most probable tile to be discarded is actually the 9-pin since it is terminal, not a dora and may actually get away from building a hand which is the tile that Teru needs.

2. It also changed the drawing order so that whatever winning tile like the 9-pin is set up to be drawn by Teru. I also don't think any of her opponents can change the drawing order so no one can is in any shape to make any calls. Thus, ensuring Teru will draw her winning tile.

This is all based on conjecture but if this is true then Teru have set-up everything so she will win no matter what her opponents do. If ... if this is true Teru deserved the moniker unstoppable player indeed.
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