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NeutralZero@ Yeah Inori like him from the start more or less ..but like you say better end here this.

I agree with what you say here
If there's romance that's going to be develop in both sides then its highly for Tatsumi and Akane (Esdes' may or the very very least may not remain a one sided feeling) since his statement in 10 the very least for us seems more of a confession along with her moments with Akame...
Though I hope the one with Esdese stay one side feeling. You know,think about me what you want but i think she really don't deserve love. Not only because all the kill she does and how much she like kill and torture. But there is another thing ...the whole *let her man /order her man to rape * I mean she is a girl she had to know that that is the worse thing that a woman can let other do to another woman. And yet she does this, mind you I know they are in war and all. Still i think she don't really need to let them do that ...i mean why just don't kill them.

Reaper @Leone can have mark him but is pointless if he don't feel the same.
While in ch 10 he say that by his own free will. No one force him to say something like that to Akame.Though, I really find that part really beautiful.But yeah Leone is a potential love interest for him.
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