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Originally Posted by jalvin_billster1091 View Post
The second poster that was just released, Mikoto has the flower hair pin which when i looked at the illistrations for the Toaru Majutsu no Index: Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City
and before the Invasion Arc where they completely change uniforms

Misaka had that Flower hair pin since the start of the second season up till 0930.

(Though officially in the LN it was earlier than that but nevermind)

So essentially this means that the movie would take place... Well, pretty much within the month of September like you've said.

I would say between 15-19th, which is between Remnant and Diahaisensai. We'll know for sure if either Kuroko is uninjured, or Misaka doesn't hound Kamijou for that Punishment Game.

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