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Originally Posted by RJ TAYLER View Post
Plus a certain ninja maid in Code Geass and cats

Don't forget 1 more maid...

And a narrator in some anime like the Girl MC looks like some tiger who loves cats.

Reading 2ch comments about episode 10.......
Ryuuka: Dont use Trans-am
Toki: Okay. Trans-am!

Setsuna's comments when seeing this while slacking around after A-LAWS conflict: Get me 00 Raiser! I am going to save her, and no one stops me!

Recent episode 10.
Don't know the trans-am with 00 Gundam is spreading around through various ways... Even in mahjong animes...
Treating Trans-am as an ability to read 2 turns ahead and Toki is 00 Gundam.

... Episode 11 will cover chapter 10.5 and 11 if I am not wrong...

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