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Well, to identify a character, you right click, and then judging by the value of certain traits, decide if to keep, give to someone else, trade, or vendor trash it. Most will be vendor trash and a waste of your time.

Oops, too much Diablo 3...

The way for a character to be identifiable is to have some kind of purpose that can't be fulfilled anywhere else. This doesn't mean there can't have been similar characters done, but they have to be memorable in some kind of way.

You can usually define a character by how they act and react to the world around them. Those that tend to have a more explainable reasons for who why and what they are will be the more interesting characters. Note that depth doesn't need to always come with complexity.

As a entertainment medium, anime is where abstract ideas from real life come alive. They are generally exaggerated, but in general I would say a likable character would be interesting in real life. And an annoying character, I'd want to slap in real life. A villain would be a terrible thing in real life, but then again this is why it's best this kind of intrigue is stuck to fiction. Then again, we do villainize people IRL too. Well written characters will trigger these emotions. Anime characters don't really resemble humans, but they sure act like us enough and share enough features with us to remind of us of certain things.
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