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Regarding Kinzo in Turn, perhaps Battler is in fact lying about seeing Kinzo do to his new found belief in magic he obviously didn't see butterflies. Perhaps when he accepts magic and becomes Beatrice's furniture he is actually because an accomplice to Beatrice and therefore hides the fact that Kinzo is dead.
That would be reasonably hard to do at that point in Ep 2, as she was dead.

That interview sure is interesting, because Ryu is saying not that she couldn't choose between the three, but more that she was unwilling to let the any of the romances fail. It's like suicide was her plan all along, but she can't let a character die until their goal is achieved. Shannon can go at any time, as she gets the ring, Kanon does often die after a touching scene with Jessica and Beatrice dies once when she gives up and then once when Battler completes her.

Also while saying she sacrificed herself to keep everyone else on the island alive is sweet in the theory of the story, in practice it is a little bit bonkers.

FURTHERMORE, did he say Battler was fished out YEARS later? What?
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