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Be glad he doesn't say anything "rapey" about Maria, that would up the creepy factor by a fair percentage, don't you think?

Also, I find it amusing how much Shannon swoons over him despite his "rape everything that moves" attitude.
The thing is I don't really find it creepy so much as... comically dark in a overblown way. I get that he's an over-the-top characterization of Battler as a villain, but he goes so far beyond the pale that it just ends up being more funny-sad than scary.

"I'm the killer for no reason! And I want to bone everyone! And I'm so slick and cool and unemotional!"

I mean as mockery of the concept of a Battler culprit I get being over the top, but on an individual level it would've been nice if he had more quotes like the ones where he taunts people for incompetence or shoots to the heart of their existence and mocks it and less of "lol I'm going to smash your face in, then possibly rape it." Save the domination metaphors for Beatrice, since that stuff was actually canon.
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