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Originally Posted by Nightengale
It's really before GSD really. For some unknown reason, it seems mecha just isn't the thing nowadays. I was born imbued with the blood of mecha, so be it, but a lot of people in general just seems...sick of mecha. And h-game conversions seem to be the in thing nowadays. How complex.

I mean, c'mon, look at the non-existant interest over OG TV series. It doesn't even have Sunrise labelled on it, but apparently no one cares. Anything that's mecha is ignored.

I'm hoping VOTOMS or YATTEYARUZE!! next year will revive the mecha genre.
OMG Shin Dancougar, I know. It better have the original Dancougar team of Shinobu, Sara, Ryo and Masato, and bring back Laura Sullivan, Rie Fujiwara's career could use a defibrilator. We've also got Votoms and I seem to recall something else. All in all I can't wait and its only 1 more day till SRW OG TV. I just hope Shin Dancougar doesn't get canned because the studio gets sacked by Loli's or something or taken over by an H-Game friendly company who cancels the project and puts them to work on Kanon MK III or something.

I mean one H-Game conversion per month alright, two pushing it unless there good. Roughly 18 in the trailer page I just saw on ANN that I can barely tell the difference between and its pretty obvious that the genre is out of control and needs to be checked for other genres to thrive a bit. I see Code Geass as a breath of fresh air, not because I expect it to be a masterpiece but because its a well needed change of pace from all the H-Game anime and a ray of hope for an 80's guy in a culture that no longer welcomes him with open arms.

I always get, "you don't have to watch it" from smarmy posters, but really what other new series can I watch then. No really tell me, please..... Otherwise I'm just gonna keep sticking to pre 2000 series as a safety net.
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