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The attack is indeed spectacular. I'm not sure how it works, it seems the Wind Shurinken part is used to project the target away for a while until the Wind Rasengan explodes in a first blast. The Wind waves then come back toward the target to finish it.

On the other hand I was affraid that Naruto connecting with Kakuzu would happen that way. Kakuzu presented as a cunning ninja with tremendous experience... Felt for the easiest KB trick in the book.
Not only that but the guy who uses large elemental AOE attack as main offense and can separate his hearts so he wouldn't be killed by one single powerful attack suddenly stop using these abilities when Naruto appears.
Kishimoto makes good vilains but I would prefer to see them killed because the heros were smarter rather than the vilain becoming suddenly dumb.

Bleh enough whinning
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