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Kakuzu didn't use elemental attack because the first thing that happened to him when Naruto and Yamato stepped in was that his combined elemental attack (of the remaining two masks) was destroyed by Naruto and Yamato combined attack.
After that Kakuzu used his elemental attacks again, destroying two clones, and thus wasting his chakra on mere clones. And remember that there are 4 more ninja to defeat, so he cannot allow to waste chakra on mere clones. Also Naruto's attack failed too, so Kakuzu didn't expect something like this would happen, and as we saw in this chapter not even Kakashi expected something powerful like this. So why use something that has already failed, Kakuzu simply switched to another method, which is probably his basic attack method, because the masks represent people who were defeated by Kakuzu, so they and their elemental attacks should not be Kakuzu's strongest power.

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Is Kakazu is really dead, I would be majorly disappointed; especially reading this summary.
Me too, but we must remember that Kakashi's much lower level raikiri took out 1 heart, and this jutsu was really much stronger than anything Kakashi can come up (except if he uses the near-suicidal MS move). However somone more human like Itachi would have died, but of course Itachi would never be hit by this.

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I was hoping that Naruto seems to obtain some good speed, but it looks like he didn't after all but instead trick his opponents using the mass number of clones and general assumptions they would make ('Ahh that must be the original because he is using the jutsu!').
Remember that the speed of the pre timeskip Naruto, and even that of Sasuke and Lee was nowhere near the speed of akatsuki. Considering that Naruto's speed here was almost unbeliveable. With his kyuubi-mode he was faster here than Kakashi, this was a huge improvment for Naruto.

The trick was effective because a mere clone was using a super-jutsu, who would expect that? It's like Itachi making a clone and then the clone uses Tsukiyomi/Amatreasu on someone. When someone uses his ultimate jutsu he is supposed to be the real one. I remember only one legendary ninja (including kage level) who made his clone use his super-ultimate jutsu: Yondaime using his teleport jutsu with 50 clones. But nobody made a trick using his ultimate jutsu.

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I suspect it is going to reach a point soon where Itachi (and maybe Kisame) will be given an opportunity to show his true strength.
I think this "showing their true strength" is the worst thing in the story: akatsuki just keep falling while they were praised to be super-deadly serial killers. The thing that would make it beliveable would be if major Konoha forces would be killed by them. The worst example is Itachi himself, said to be stronger than Orochimaru, having godlike MS eyes. Than he escapes fighting situations. He should have killed at least Gai and a couple of jounins. While Orochimaru killed two kages and he fears Itachi, so the introduction of Itachi was quite bad. Except if the theories about Itachi not being such an evil guy are true.

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