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Hmm... I was wrong then. I thought I saw XII from nico's crappy raw, and from what she said of being born later, I assumed she was a double-digit. Thanks for the clear-up.
Tre calls her "セッテ", and it's hardly mistakable to Dido/Deed... so she's VII.
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And what do you mean by polearm/yellow magic circle? Sorry, didn't catch the reference.
Well, you see, we already have one pole-arm user male with yellow velka magic circle...
One who speeds up, he is.

We still don't know who he's copied from... and unless it's completely unrelated to StS storyline, it gotta be someone that appeared on the series.
...Now we have one good candidate.

@Key Board:

Er no, I rather meant that he might be the original of certain boy we already know.
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