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Originally Posted by Papaya View Post
Sad they had to rip everything from UC.
Well, the creators made it no secret when pointing out that SEED & DESTINY were meant to retell the Gundam story in the 21st century. Beside some mechanical design similarities, you find very little parallel in characters, except perhaps that whole thing with Stella.

Originally Posted by Papaya View Post
Anyways, I'm glad 00 has some fresh grunt designs. Loving that Tieren.
Not so fresh if you are into Front Mission. The Tieren resemble some of the Wanzers used in the game. However, 00 does a good job in making the distinction between 'Grunts' and 'Gundams' by introducing the Tieren and/or Union Flag.

On the other hand, it would appear that the only fresh mecha designs I have witnessed recently on any media would be ones found in Xenosaga. Especially episodes II & III.

Those were beautiful.

- Tak
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