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In my opinion, the writers left the ending somewhat open, because J.C. Staff itself may not know what they want to do with the series. I assume some of this will depend on the commercial success of this season. And how much material we get from the novels.

I for one would be fine either way. I liked the ending of this season, and I think that can work for the anime as a whole. However, a S3 could work; some adjustments would have to be made, but I think that can work--depending on how much stuff we get in the remaining novels.

Nevertheless, if there is a S3, I really do firmly believe that the love triangle should be left as settled. A new season will have to find other ways of fleshing out the relationship between Shana and Yuji, and the introduction of a SotF Yuji would be just fine on that front. That would produce more than enough conflict. Furthermore, Hecate's continued development would have to be covered in a 3rd season.

For the novel readers, exactly what role does Hecate play in the novel story? She's actually acquired a pretty serious role in the anime, and IMO, is actually the most important of all the villains. She's certainly the one most fleshed out, even more so than Friagne.
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