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Originally Posted by teelotes View Post
Yup, it's not a major role, but I'd still like to see him being born, and probably more side story on Yuji and his family. Then there's his dad which we all have our suspicions on regarding his possible "other side" of the character.

Yuji's family is particularly important in developing the characters of Yuji and Shana. We've seen how Shana has matured through her learning and interaction with Yuji's mum, and how Yuji feels intimately connected to the city because of his family. This bond would be strengthened by the birth of a younger sibling, which makes Yuji an elder brother with added responsibility. It will also be tested when (or if) he becomes SnH Yuji.
You have to have a 26 episode season if you want a side story on Yuji's family. Honestly, I don't see how Sairei no Hebi would fit in a 13 episode season with the birth of Yuji's sibling. If we want to go into that, then there may as well be a new flame haze who happens to be Shana's biological sister who became a flame haze for that incident and has ever since started looking for her. Otherwise, it's just a minor detail.

(Although the thought of Shana attempting to change diapers is just giving me moe crushes right now)
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