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Originally Posted by Rias View Post
1. Erika seeing both Shannon and Kannon, or only seeing one, is one thing. Telling everyone that she saw 2 distinct entity or only saw one is another thing. Erika, just like red text, does not owe anyone to disclose and confirm every single infomation. She only needs to say something that works for her.

2. Double, or multiple personality, is part of the possibilities of Shannon = Kanon theory. Along side with various ways of switching back and forth.

3. What I'm interested in, and applying, is during the two days, Oct4-5. What happens before, is not of interest. All that matter is that there's a possibility that Shannon and Kanon are actually one of the same during the two days. Whether they are disgusing, people are delusional, they are shown fantasy elements, or mutliple personality. Mistook someone's appearance, isn't a violation of rule#10. Just as Kinzo is "alive" isn't a violation of rule #10 (in ep1). Kanon or Shannon doesn't have to be dead. One of them just have to NOT show up (dead, didn't show up to work, didn't exist in the first place), during the two days.

4. "For your theory you need to check every moment since they were born, cause out of the game any1 can be objective, for mine I just need one moment they were sen together, at any time." <-- That itself is the devil's proof. We havn't seen them together under the POV of someone that we can put absolute confidence in.

5. In-your-face is one thing, but the truth is another thing. Just becuase Mion stabbed Keiichi doesn't mean Mion is Mion; and we've been prepared for that for a long time. All I'm saying is that, the theory isn't completely dead.
But my whole point is that a separate personality from someone who is dead isn't another personality, but just a form of immitation, therefor if one of them actually existed in one point of the time, Shkanon theory is wrong. THe only posssibility for this thory is an original personality by the anme of Shannon/Kanon. Also the red text says that no other than Kanon can claim his title, so Kanon had to die before starting working on Rokkenjima and Shannon created another personality to support her=> only possibility=double personality ebfor >Kanon (if he even existed)started working at Rokkenjima

Also, the killer of K1 in Watanagashi was the true Mion, since Shion and her swapped in the ceremony, so the roles we see are their original roles so I can say in red Shion had nothing to do with the killings, the killer,as seen in Watanagashi, was Mion, but no that Mion, it was the original
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