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No, actually, Battler had doubt about the gold, and Lambda just cut him short without any delay. And it was still Battler's perspective.
"Perspective" isn't really the correct word, sorry.

People are saying that there couldn't be any fantasy elements in scenes with Erika, even if the scenes aren't from her perspective, due to the way Piece Battler's presence worked in previous episodes.

Didn't Battler ask if the gold was real or just a fake/fantasy? If Erika's presence stopped every fantasy element, that question wouldn't have been necessary.

And no, Erika really take a role that doesn't influence Beato's game, therefore, it should not affect Battler's role from ep1-4.
This is the reason why Ep5 isn't a Ep1 with an extra character, but something totally different.
Yet, everyone is applying to her the same points that were applied to the previous piece Battler just because she's said to be a "detective", even though Battler never was described like that.
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