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Originally Posted by NeonZ View Post
Did he, really? Only in episode 3 he's remotely detective-like due to his accusation. Meta Battler acted like a detective, not Piece Battler.

Erika is the first detective-like "piece".
And yet, Meta Battler was taking the perspective of his own piece.
Furthermore, you don't need to make accusation to start figuring about the truth, and by this extension, taking the role of the detective. Piece Battler was almost the only one who was actually trying to figure what was going on in all episodes, even if he couldn't have the same privilege as Erika.
Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
The fact of the matter is that Knox's rules were only introduced in Ep5 so they are not exactly confirmed to be retroactively applicable to 1-4. Even then unlike Erika's confirmation in red as the detective in Ep5, we have no guarantee Battler is playing the same role in Ep1-4.
They have to, because the rules were also applying on facts Battler brought from previous episodes and they were denied until he became a sorcerer.
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