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Yui is such a great "Funny Man" type.

This anime has really done a great job molding her into that. Her wonderful sense of (sometimes unintentional) humor came off well here.

The chemistry throughout ATT as a whole is excellent. Their personalities come together, and blend, and bounce off of each other, with such graceful and natural ease. It's funny to say this about a show that's escapist entertainment for many viewers (and probably intended to be that), but this anime may be the most realistic one I've seen. Character interactions just flow so believably and never feel forced to me.

With this in mind, I love the detail that this episode went into when it comes to researching where to go on vacation, and the process of getting a passport. It's pretty amazing that an anime episode that devotes so much time to something as potentially tedious as getting a passport can still be quite entertaining.

Yui's attempts at English in this episode were pretty good. Her "No rice, no life" comment was TK (Angel Beats!) worthy.

Nice to see Canada at least get referenced on that one cover.

This episode was a joyous watch, particularly after 10 episodes of the much darker Madoka Magica.
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