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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
Having read the light novel up to that point, I can help but be disappointed. Disappointed by the director leaving out details that would have helped people with the context. Instead what have come on screen in episode 12 have leave people scratching their head. That's imo a botched job, and makes me wonder about the level of respect that the director have for the LNs.

Adaptation - 6/10, episode 4 showed the potential. Episode 8 and 12 just made it fall flat on the face. It's just like the director(s) didn't care. Takashi Watanabe!!!! Boo Yoshitaka Koyama!! Booo Takashi Ikehata!!! Boo JC Staff!!!!
As a non-novel reader I have to disagree the final battle made a reasonable amount of sense, it wasn't perfect, but I felt the direction and execution of the final episode were good and far from falling on it's face especially compared how JC staff's attempt of an ending in Yumekui Merry .

So for me both episode 11 and 12 were good and enjoyable to watch getting a 8. And Riko remains my favorite character of series by far .
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