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Originally Posted by FubaredByAnime
Would it be practical to add separate speculation/guess work threads for each story arc? We can keep the general speculation thread to talk about the overall story, and then keep smaller, arc-specific questions for each respective thread. That would save headaches when the momentum of questions start to appear at the end of the 2nd arc.

Also, maybe add a character speculation/comment thread too?

Let me add that threads for each episode should probably be more for expressing about what people thought of the episode than what people think what's happening in this mystery. The problem with adding speculation and thoughts about the story is that it gets split among 4-5 threads for each story arc.

Just a thought, anyway.
I think the each individual episodes will do just's kind of difficult to regulate what people thought about the episode without leaving out dicussions as this is a mystery/suspense anime. So I'll keep the format as it is: episode thread for impressions, comments, and question regarding to that episode/chapter, and the general thread for overall questions.

As for the character speculation, I'll create something similar to the one in the Fate thread.
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