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I like the idea, but I don't think I'm the only the one that has a terrible time wanting to be surprised at chapters but keep hitting the spoiler button on posts anyway. Which probably seems really wierd. I would vote on putting up the chapter discussions as they finish in the anime series, this would allow people that have played the game to give input on things that were left out in the anime series.

I'll put up a really crappy pros and cons list


-It allows for a more in depth look at chapters,characters,plot and setting
-People who played the game can toss in things left out
-By putting up chapters already played in the anime it allows for more feedback from other members
-Not necessary for people to put up spoiler tags


-Overlapping with a series like this it's probably gonna more with later chapters looking back on earlier ones.
-Flaming wars are likely but maybe can be avoided (ex. the your wrong i'm right type stuff)
-Admins/Mods have to lookout for people putting in other chapter spoilers. A person may be discussing Onikakushi-hen because they have'nt seen Watanagashi-hen yet.

This is just some things I thought up off the top of my head.
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