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Originally Posted by ApathyEcstasy
wow what the that means the anime is starting at the beginning..and ending at the end..but basically just skipping a whole buncha stuff in the middle? doesn't that mean that if there's another season...and they still use material from the novel..that the episodes will be slotted (timeline-wise) in between the various episodes of season 1?

it makes me sad to think that there's no "real" ending or conclusion to the story
Actually this show isn't really going to end at the end lol

Someday in the Rain, despite being the furthest part of the story, is treated as a normal episode, while the ending for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, novel 1 would be the real ending.

Watching this show chronologically won't make more sense than watching it in its rearranged episodes lol. In fact the show being rearranged this way, had made better story development.

EDIT: And yea, if there are other seasons it will be in between
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