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Originally Posted by kikko_s View Post
I don't know if you read the manga or not, but even by now (chapter 218), they're still the same. And they haven't animated close to where the manga is right now.

Spoiler for Manga spoiler:

...but before that, animate everything first!
Yeah. I just downloaded the scanlations last night and today, and read from 135 all the way to 218. I cant believe their the same as before...makes me so mad. The OAV and the movie had 1000000000X more relationship/character progress than the manga. What was the author even thinking!? He could have spent less time dragging the whole thing out with no relationship/concrete story progression, and made like an epic series that was filled with lots of original relevant stuff that the real fans/readers/viewers want to see. Heck, i bet we could just rewrite the story in good old novel format and made it really cool than what it took him 20 years to do (which is get nowhere and disappoint the fans).

Or, they could just make a 3rd season with like 25 episodes that wraps the whole thing up and actually has chacter and relationship progression, that doesnt follow the manga. I think i'd like that best.
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